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You Are Always In The Now

Often times we tend to say to ourselves “if I can go back in time what would I do differently?” Some may say they wish they made the school football team, for others they wish they had made a certain move to win a game of chess.  For me I wish I had done better in high school academically.  I wish I never fell into the wrong crowd that did not value school work much, who would rather play around and play video games instead of studying and doing our homework. I wish that I’d paid close attention more in school than skipping classes.

We know that the past cannot change.  The past is forever written in stone and the future hasn’t been written yet. I’m realizing that “the now,” that is today, is the day to make the best decisions possible so we don’t have to be wishing any more changes when the future comes. Today is the day that we’re on that football team. Today is the day that we’re playing that chess game thinking what move to make.  Today is the day when I’m in high school, although I’m not literally in high school, but today is the day for me to make the best decisions possible.

So if you’re out there wishing you had done things differently in the past understand that today is the day to make the best decisions as possible.  Today you’re on that “team” you wished you could be on when you were younger. Today you’re in that “chess game” thinking of the best move to make.  This “team” and “chess game” could be a business you’re building or doing.  This could be a current relationship you’re trying to maintain. Whatever you’re doing, do it to the best of your ability so you don’t have regrets in the future.

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