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Meet the Characters

Motion-tutor.com’s lessons are animated and interesting. Every day is spent thinking of new ways and techniques to animate for the lessons. Down below are the characters that will be teach most of the early grade level lessons.

emilyEmily, also known as “Miss Emily” is the main teacher here at motion-tutor.com. She handles most of the lesson topics. Her lessons spans from counting and cardinality, through operations and algebraic thinking to numbers and operations.  Although that’s a lot on her table her friend Eric and brother Ethan appears in some of her lessons.  When Emily isn’t busy teaching at motion-tutor.com she’s having fun reading her books and playing outside.



Eric the lover of geometry.  He will appear in lessons dealing with shapes and measuring shapes.  He loves to put shapes together and make new shapes out of them.  When he’s not busy teaching people about Geometry he’s busy building things out of shapes for fun.


ethanEthan, brother of Emily, is the guy that loves to measure and compare objects.  You’ll also see him in lesson dealing with collecting data.  When Ethan isn’t busy teaching at motion-tutor.com he’s having fun riding his bicycle.





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