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about-pic1What’s this about?
This site is about a passion to share knowledge with others. It’s about having empathy with others in need. It’s about teaching and being helpful in creative ways.
The “aha” Moment
“The idea started, back in 2006, when a friend of mine needed help with her mathematics homework. She lived across the city from me so it would be costly to drive everyday to help her. I decided to create digital hand written solutions to her math homework and posted it on the popular social media at the time. After sending her the image of her math solution I had an ‘aha’ moment. That moment was to create a service where I can not only show others how to solve math problems but to do it in a creative and unique way.
Throughout the years my idea has evolved, not only just solving math problems, but other sciences as well. My resources improved regarding animation tools. And technology has made me able to produce things once dreamed years ago.”


“I graduated with an AA degree from South Florida State College with an emphasis on math and physics. I went on to major in physics at the University of Central Florida then transferred to the University of South Florida to do mechanical engineering. The pursuit for my bachelors degree was, unfortunately, halted because of financial reasons. However, this stumbling block provided me the extra motivation to pursue this service of combing my natural talents with the skills learned in school to help others struggling in mathematics and the sciences. I have 9 years of math tutoring experience with middle to high school students in the public, private and home schools.”

My Vision
“My vision for this website is to provide quality mathematics and science help and understanding that stimulate the senses. I can envision this service to be a ‘go to’ site within the math and science community. With hard work and dedication it will be one day.”

My Motivation
“What drives me? my natural passion to share. My empathy for those who struggle to understand mathematical and scientific concepts. My desire to contribute to the global internet learning community.”
-Kofi McKoy, Creator of motion-tutor.com

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