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Welcome to motion-tutor.com where it’s all about learning through animated videos and interactive content. Currently I’m focusing on mathematics, particularly Kindergarten and 1st Grade, with plans on expanding to higher grades and even physics, chemistry and general knowledge topics.

The math topics follow the current standards adopted in most of the U.S. but anyone world wide can benefit from these lessons explained in a nice creative way. By following the sequence of videos and interactive activities you, your child or a loved one can gain a solid understanding of mathematics that will either compliment your current lessons in school or even substitute it.

Enjoy what motion-tutor.com has to offer.


What can motion-tutor do for you?

  • Helps clarify things taught by your teachers
  • Animations to help with understanding the subject
  • Interactive activities or games to test understanding of subject
  • Learn and have fun from the comfort of you own home


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